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2022 lithium battery raw material is rising a lot

2022 lithium battery raw material is rising a lot

The price increase of power battery raw materials has almost run through the whole year of 2021, among which the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate has soared from 50,000 yuan/ton in early 2021 to a recent high of 75000USD/1000kg, an increase of more than 8 times; ternary precursors ( 523 type) rose from 13300USD/1000kg to 23000 USD/1000kg, an increase of 74%; in addition, copper foil, PVDF, diaphragm and other materials have risen to varying degrees.

While China is not a major producer of battery materials such as cobalt, nickel and lithium, it is a major processor of these materials. A relevant person from a Korean battery company said: "If Chinese companies raise the price of raw materials, we can only follow the pace of Chinese companies to increase prices, which will lead to a decrease in our price competitiveness in the international market."


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