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Telecom Base Station Battery

  • 48V Series telecom backup power
48V Series telecom backup power

48V Series telecom backup power

  • Product description: 48V Series telecom backup power

48V Series telecom backup power battery as follow,we have only listed part of the models below for your kind reference.Please contact us for more details regarding your specified project

No. Item Voltage(V) Rated capacity(AH)
BMS built-in,
Max. Const. harge/Discharge Current(A)
Weight(KG) Size(mm) Support Communication Port
EV4810-T-15 48-10 48V 10AH 12A 7.1KG 442W*240D*44H RS485/232
EV4820-T-15 48-20 48V 20AH 20A 13.3KG 442W*300D*88H RS485/232
EV4830-T-15 48-30 48V 30AH 30A 20KG 442W*300D*133H RS485/232
EV4840-T-15 48-40 48V 40AH 40A 26.2KG 442W*300D*177H RS485/232
EV4850-T-15 48-50 48V 50AH 50A 25KG 442W*380D*133H RS485/232
EV4875-T-15 48-60 48V 75AH 75A 36.5KG 442W*400D*133H RS485/232
EV48100-T-15 48-100 48V 100AH 100A 45KG 442W*400D*177H RS485/232
EV4810-T-16 48-10 51.2V 10AH 12A 7.5KG 442W*240D*44H RS485/232
EV4820-T-16 48-20 51.2V 20AH 20A 13.8KG 442W*300D*88H RS485/232
EV4830-T-16 48-30 51.2V 30AH 30A 20.5KG 442W*300D*133H RS485/232
EV4840-T-16 48-40 51.2V 40AH 40A 26.8KG 442W*300D*177H RS485/232
EV4850-T-16 48-50 51.2V 50AH 50A 25.7KG 442W*380D*133H RS485/232
EV4875-T-16 48-60 51.2V 75AH 75A 35KG 442W*400D*133H RS485/232
EV48100-T-16 48-100 51.2V 100AH 100A 46KG 442W*400D*177H RS485/232

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